Saturday, May 25, 2013

Roberts Fellows don't slow down at the end of a trip, they speed up

First, and most importantly, happy anniversary Holli.

Wow, what didn't we do in the past couple of days?  We had a great time and the students loved all the activities that Shikoku University planned for us.  For the last 48 hours or so we have been working with students from Shikoku University as part of their English Workshop (basically an overnight English camp held at a traditional Japanese resort on Mt. Bizon).  They didn't have internet at the resort so I have a ton of photos still to post.  We are also leaving early tomorrow morning for Taiwan so this is an abbreviated post.  Here's the summary in no particular order: boat ride to whirlpools, hydroponic strawberry picking, Pacific ocean from the "other" side, karaoke, Japanese-American skits, traditional communal bath, Japanese lessons, slept on a tatami mat, traditional indigo dying, tour of Shikoku, chopstick contest, charades, pizza party, drama class, and more.  There are some seriously funny touts of all this so make sure to check them out.  Thanks to Chairman Sato, Mark, Richard, and everyone else at Shikoku for their kind hospitality.  Now for the photos:

Traditional indigo dying at Shikoku.  This is WAY more complicated than I thought.

Hands deep in vats of indigo dye.

Giving a present to Chairman Sato of Shikoku University.


Skit planning

The view of Tokushim from Mt. Bizon.

Chopstick contest!

Hanging out with some Shikoku students at dinner.

Shikoku University was VERY welcoming!

It was a beautiful sunset.

We had a lot of fun after dinner.

Including some charades

And karaoke, of course

Those Roberts Fellows know how to work the stage.

Thanks Shikoku University!

We stopped by a hydroponic strawberry farm the next day

We also stopped at a beach on the Pacific Ocean.

Roberts Fellows jumped for joy.

We also hopped on a ferry to watch some tides collide into giant whirlpools

And saw some ships in the distance

Only one country left and I want to thank Andy and Anne for being such great travel companions.

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