Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ming Chuan University and our trip is nearly over

Our trip is nearly over.  I may have a chance to post again, but among a final day of sight seeing, packing, and seeing some past student this may be my last post before we hop on that plane home.  We spent the day with Ming Chuan University and I want to say thanks to Dr. Yien, Carol, and Carine for their genuine hospitality.  You made us feel at home.  We saw a great presentation on leadership by Professor Wang and enjoyed a tour of the Ming Chuan Taoyan Campus.  We had the chance to meet with 11 Ming Chuan students and some MCU faculty who will soon be joining us at SVSU and we look forward to seeing you in Michigan.

Ming Chuan University also hosted us for dinner along with 16 other SVSU students and Dr. Elizabeth Rich who arrived from Michigan at 10 PM last night.  Honestly, some of them still looked a little shocked to be in Taiwan and it was strange for me to reflect on the fact that many of our Roberts Fellows carried the same expression a few short weeks ago.  These students will be studying at Ming Chuan for the next 4 weeks and I know that they are in good hands.  It is nice to know that there will be some SVSU students still carrying the flag for our university as we depart.

The RF14s are truly an impressive group of people.  They have met the challenges of this trip with patience, poise, and often laughter.  They have been open-minded and friendly to people from various cultures and demonstrated that they have the skills and commitment to be forces of positive change in society.  They deserve credit for this as this has come to them through hard work and dedication.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these students and to be a part of this program.

P.S.  Long live Jones.

Thanks to Ming Chuan University for hosting us and to Professor Wang for a great presentation on leadership

What?  The RF14s have been magically transported to Australia!

Touring Ming Chuan University

Justin is sitting on an 800 year old chair!

Emily showing off her mad pottery skills in the ceramics district of Taipei

We met another group of SVSU students for a dinner hosted by Ming Chuan University.  Great to see so many Cardinals in Taiwan!

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