Monday, May 27, 2013

Shih Hsin University and Farewell to Anne!

First, I'd like to thank Jennifer Lin, Peter Lin, Tzu-Hsiang Yu and all the students from Shih Hsin who graciously hosted our visit today.  Shih Hsin has a beautiful campus and we enjoyed learning some aboriginal dances, touring campus, and visiting Baoan Temple, Fort San Domingo, and Tamsui.  We also had a great time seeing four SVSU students who are currently at Shih Hsin for the semester.  I would also like to thank Dr. Peter Mu who hosted a wonderful dinner for us at Shanghai Shanghai restaurant.  Dr. Mu is an honorary Roberts Fellow and has a long history with our program.  Finally, I would like to bid farewell to Anne, who is flying back to Michigan early tomorrow morning.  We celebrated Anne's last night with a foot massage at Shihlin Night Market.  Anne, thanks for all of your help on this trip and we look forward to seeing you back home!

I've been to a lot of temples in the PRC, but Baoan Temple was hands down the most beautiful and ornate temple I have ever visited

Intricate carvings everywhere

Fort San Domingo

It was REALLY hot so we stopped for ice cream.  A LOT of ice cream.

Some new friends from Shih Hsin joined us

We also had tea at Yuan, a Taiwanese shop that sold only locally grown sustainable tea products

Thanks to Jennifer Lin for all of her help making arrangements!

A fabulous dinner at Shanghai Shanghai thanks to Dr. Peter Mu

Hey Mom!  I ate some durian fruit just like I said I would!

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